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Statement & Bio

Ever since I can remember, I have puzzled questions of the meaning of our lives on this spinning planet.  As a child in my home in Montreal, I had early premonitions of a larger purpose, of something vital that could not be destroyed even after the body had finished its cycle. I wanted the path of an artist as a means to engage these questions. 

Siesta_Light_IV,_Flattened 2_edited.jpg

I moved from Canada to New York City in the late 1970's at a time when the city's streets, lofts and galleries were burgeoning with experimentation and innovation. A Bauhaus training in ceramics and undergrad and graduate degrees in studio Fine Arts laid a foundation of skill and knowledge, and from my loft in Dumbo I created installations, drawings and sculptures that were shown across North America. These works explored concepts of house and home using architectural forms as inspiration. The power of gesture to invigorate drawings and sculptures kept a thread of my interest in the underlying energy that animates all life.

A long hiatus ensued. I moved to Connecticut, where I was fulfilled in raising two children while establishing a practice in holistic family health. I looked deeply into concepts of health and illness and found connections with my earliest childhood questions. I saw that symptoms of disease could be prescient signposts to deeper questions of what needs to be healed, and that concepts of the immune system could be enlarged to encompass a life force that is always striving to establish equilibrium. It has been a privilege to accompany people of all ages on a quest to manifest their gifts and talents in the fullest possible state of health.

A Caduceus over a white background.jpg

Reestablishing artistic pursuit in the last several years, I found a changed art world. I learned entirely new  techniques that include digital media.

In playful abstract works that celebrate gesture and color,  and in pulsing circles that suggest both the macro world of celestial bodies and the inner vibrational colors of deep mediation, I am finding a rich engagement with the creative process.

Red Sun I

Living in a small town in Connecticut with daily access to the lush natural world of New England has inspired me to create works through which I express my delight, awe and wonder at the natural world and its links to dream-like visions of a vibrating universal energy that embodies some of  my earliest premonitions.

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